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Senior Citizens Club

Senior Citizens Club

As a social and educational organization, we strive to provide a service to all area Senior Citizens by offering social luncheons twice a month, conducting a business meeting once a month following the first luncheon the first Thursday, and a program following the luncheon on the third Thursday of each month.  The programs provide entertainment or educational speakers and presentations.  We also offer the benefit of travel, either day trips or overnight excursions, to enrich our Seniors lives.  We are happy to invite any area Senior 55 or older to join in our activities at any time. 


To see a list of events already scheduled look in the calanders section of this website.


 Following is the list of Officers for the Granby Senior Citizens Club:

                   Lawrence Flora, President                593-8941
                   Frances Wadas, Vice President         343-2381

                   Emma Martin, Secretary                   598-7891
                   Estelle Holmes, Treasurer                 592-7750
                   Carrie Palmer, Membership Chmn.     592-2080

                   Imo Lefort, Co-Tour Director              216-4422

                   Fran Wadas, Co-Tour Director           343-2381