Town of

Code & Zoning Enforcement

David Hanford Code Enforcement Officers

820 County Route 8
Granby Town Hall
Fulton, NY 13069
315-598-6989 (Clerk, Janice Hollow M-F 8-12; answering machine for message)

BUILDING PERMITS The Town of Granby enforces the provisions of the New York State Fire and Building Code which is applicable throughout the state. To facilitate the process, packets of information and application forms may be picked up during office hours or are availabe on this website. Application materials completed prior to meeting with the codes officer are likely to ensure issuance of the permit in a very timely fashion.


Zoning The codes officers are also zoning officers. Compliance with zoning regulations is part of the building permit process. These officers also enforce other provisions of the Zoning law and other statutes.

Codes officers are responsible for enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire and Building Code. They also enforce the provisions of the Granby Zoning Ordinance and other state or local laws and ordinances related to land use.

Hours of Operation:

8AM - 12PM Monday

2PM - 6PM Tuesday

8AM - 12PM Wednesday

8AM - 12PM Thursday 

8AM - 12PM Friday 


Clerk is available Monday-Friday 8-12.


Closed Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Complaint Form (PDF - 823.2 KB)
Vendor Application (DOC - 57.3 KB)
Driveway procedures (DOC - 26.5 KB)
Driveway Application (DOC - 29.5 KB)
Stick Built House (DOC - 270.7 KB)
Modular Home (DOC - 87.5 KB)
MH in Park (DOC - 68.5 KB)
Detached Garage (DOC - 77.0 KB)
Pole Style Barn (DOC - 78.5 KB)
Addition/Remodel (DOC - 84.0 KB)
Decks & Porches (DOC - 77.5 KB)
Outbuildings (DOC - 78.5 KB)
Septic (DOC - 70.5 KB)
HVAC/ Chimney (DOC - 76.5 KB)
Plumbing (DOC - 111.5 KB)
Demolition (DOC - 82.5 KB)
Well (DOC - 70.5 KB)
Signage (DOC - 81.5 KB)
Water District (DOC - 155.5 KB)
Tanks (DOC - 118.5 KB)